After two years at the fort of Góra Gradowa and Plac Zebrań Ludowych FETA festival comes back to the previous location. In mid-July open-air and street theatres are visiting again bastions, Stare Przedmieście and the area in the vicinity of Motława River in Gdańsk.

FETA comes back where it had been organised for five years preceding the move to the area of Góra Gradowa. The regulars of the festival are unanimous in claiming that it is the best venue for the event in the history of the festival.


When we moved from Stare Przedmieście, we treated our new location as a temporary one. One of the main motivations to take this step was the fact that the line of the productions which fitted in with the area of bastions began to drain away. We decided to search for a new place which would be a source of inspiration for us and the fort of Góra Gradowa was perfect for this.


At present FETA with its flourish and growing interest among the residents faces new challenges. The festival has to, or should, involve bigger areas of the town. This is why the coming edition has been planned in two parts of the town – in Stare Przedmieście and Dolne Miasto situated nearby.


Szymon Wróblewski, the director of FETA — International Street and Open-Air Theatres Festival