Motto teatru wg. jego założycieli tancerzy i choreografów Joanny Czajkowskiej- Krawczyk i Jacka Krawczyka: "We wszystkich produkcjach najważniejsza jest konkretna Idea, która skłania nas do działań teatralnych. Wówczas przy pomocy ruchu, tańca i innych dostępnych nam technik budujemy na scenie plastyczne obrazy po to, aby jak najpełniej ją wyrazić.

"W atmosferze przesyconej zapachem ambry, nardu, kadzidła kobiety o mlecznej cerze i oczach wydłużonych za pomocą tuszu roślinnego, o policzkach barwy tulipanów lub kwiatów granatu napełniały rozkoszą męskie serca"

Teatrzyk Okazjonalny founded and lead by dancers and choreographers Joanna Czajkowska-Krawczyk and Jacek Krawczyk, combines the contemporary dance technique towards tai - chi and internal martial arts and pantomime arts to create our own theatre language. The most significiant in its productions is a specific idea which triggers theatrical actions. To express and enliven the idea, Teatrzyk Okazjonalny creates flexible images on the stage by means of motion, gesture, dance and other accessible techniques. By changeable moods it aims at bringing out in the audience not only aesthetic but, above all, emotional feelings. Previous productions by The Occasional Theatre are: "Obrazki z wystawy" (2000), "Nietota" in co-operation with Dada von Bzdulow Theatre (2000), "Śluby" in co-operation with the National Gallery of Art. in Sopot (2000), "Kometa donikąd" ("A comet to nowhere") (2001), "Toporiada" in co-operation with the National Gallery of Art in Sopot (2001), "Art Cafe" (2001), "Matylda" ("Mathylda") Jacek Krawczyk&#39;s solo project (2001), "The Higher the Better" in co - operation with Kino Variatino Theater (2002), "Lata nie będzie" ("Summer Won&#39;t Come") in co - operation with Kino Variatino Theater (2002). The Occasional Theatre presented its performances at various dance and theater festivals such as: Dance Explosions (Gdańsk), The Baltic University of Dance (Gdańsk), Polemiqi Dance Festival (Warsaw), Malta International Theatre Festival (Poznań), International Festival of Theatre and Visual Arts Enterprise EVENTS - Tczew - Europe (Tczew), International Lublin Dance Theatre Festival (Lublin), Modern Dance Festival in Konin, International Festival of Street Theatres in Cracow,The Duncan Theatre in Prague (Czech Republic), Anex Solo Festival in Warsaw and many others. Teatrzyk Okazjonalny played in International Street and Open-Air Theatres Festival Feta in 2000, 2001 and 2002. <font color="#D2CFA8">"Aromaty"</font> Choreography: Joanna Czajkowska - Krawczyk, Jacek Krawczyk Dancers: Joanna Czajkowska - Krawczyk, Jacek Krawczyk Costumes: Eliza Śliwa Music: Maciej Łyszkiewicz Year of production: 2002 Duration time: 25 minutes "The Aromas" is a poli-sensuous spectacle that uses visual, aural as well as olfactory dimensions of the theatre. Co-authors of the choreography directed it towards unconstrained nearly mystical movement that is supported by the fragrance covering the playing area. An Occasional Theatre attempted during this spectacle to enliven the sense that isn&#39;t usually connected with theatrical experience. This journey into the world of fragrance is exceptionally diversified - there are elegant case-bottles and aromatic incense sticks all over the stage. Moreover, aromatic powder is mixed together in the air with the perfumes. "We cannot reveal the whole secret of &#39;our&#39; aroma," says Joanna Czajkowska. "All I can say is that during the spectacle we exploit not only various spices such as ginger, cardamom, cinnamon but also certain flower and fruit compositions just to mention the mixture of lavender, garden syringa and orange flower. In its dramatic dimension, "The Aromas" allude to the eastern meditative traditions - the dancers entrapped in the mathematical sign of infiniteness try to cross the boundaries of their lonely worlds so as to meet each other but not necessarily with the intention of unifying their worlds. He is imprisoned in the bleu light; She - in the red one and thus they echo the eastern story of blue and red tigers that are searching for each other through their entire lives. And once they manage to meet they die. However, the spectacle also reveals its European character. It questions our capability of using the sense of smell and our ability to remember the aroma of the human body. Czajkowska&#39;s outstanding solo, performed to the disturbing sound of aggressive snapshots, explicitly emphasises the bloody-thirsty nature of the surrounding world of money and media. We are being observed; we live in constant rush; we are looked at all the time. In such a world, is the olfactory sense still required?
niedziela, Sierpień 17, 2003 - 01:30