Azar Teatro rozpoczął profesjonalną działalność w 1990 roku i od tej pory uprawiał prawie każdy rodzaj teatru, od klasyki doadaptacji współczesnych autorów z różnych stron świata.

"Barroco-roll" to rozkwit grymasów, żądląca rozrywka, satyryczny dom szaleńców, dworska gra, dworu gotowego bawić się z każdym.

Azar Teatro (Spain)</font> Azar Teatro started performing professionally in 1990 and has worked with nearly every style and play, using classic and contemporary authors, without scorning any language or area. This can be seen from the productions that it has put on and the tours that have been organised over the years throughout Spain and in countries such as Portugal, France, Great Britain, Italy, Malta, Cuba, etc... The company alternates between performing in theatres and in the street. That because Azar Teatro is always searching for different ways to communicate with the audience. In its performances on the stage, text and body acquire the same importance and are equally emphasises in an attempt to offer the audience a performance that is capable of captivating them by its contents and by its visual aspect. Involving and complicity with the audience are essential to the street performances and the element of playing is always part of the scenic game. Company Azar has always give particular importance to the visual aspect and music. Azar Teatro took part in many Spanish and international festivals such as:International Theatre Festival of Valladolid (1991, 1992, 2000 and 2001), The Madrid Autumn Festival (1992), Fira de Teatre al Carrer de Tárrega (1998 and 2001), 2000 Grec Festival in Barcelona, The Villanueva de la Serena Street Theatre Festival (2001), The Avignon International Festival (1992), Festival Máscara de Caoba de Santiago de Cuba (1993), The Stockton International Theatre Festival (2001), Edinburgh Fringe Festival (2001) and many more. Feta 2003 will be Azar"s first visit in Poland. <font color="#D2CFA8">"Barroco-Roll"</font> Author: Javier Esteban Lamarca Direction: Javier Esteban Lamarca Set design: Mario Pérez Music: Classical and contemporary music selected by Javier Esteban Lamarca Costumes: Maria Ángeles Jiménez Actors: Mercedes Asenjo, Francisco Mateo, Alfonso Esteban, Jesús Puebla, Isabel Zamorano, Alejandro Cano Year of production: 2000 Performance on roller-skates "Barroco-roll" is a grimacing bloomer, a stinging amusement, a satirical madhouse, a court game, a court ready to play with everyone. A spectacular staging, without text, suitable for everyone. A court in the style of Versailles goes out into the town in order to meet the people; The Duke of Lamarcop, in charge of the military, the vigorous royal doctor, Count Von Vaskenstein, Amadeus Alfonsus, the scatterbrained court musician, and two unusual Maids of Honour, the spectacular Meninin Monroe and the intriguing widow, LaVenenoSA, are the retinue who accompany the lavish Royal Carriage, in which H.R.H King Rey Distintus I is seated. During the visit, it becomes very obvious that the monarch suffers from horrendous stomach problems with all the foreseeable results that affect everyone who is nearby and ... As his Majesty says: "let the people come to me". Is the kingdom going badly? Nooooooo! The kingdom is going smoothly!
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