Zespół Tańca Dawnego "Chastelana" istnieje od marca 2000 roku. Zajmuje się odtwarzaniem realiów wieków dawnych, zwłaszcza końca średniowiecza i renesansu oraz propagowaniem wiedzy o nich poprzez pokazy tańców i fechtunku.

"Battaglia d'Amore" stanowi wybór tańców XVI-wiecznych z traktatów "Il Ballarino" "Le Gratie d'Amore" oraz "Orchesographie"

Battaglia d'Amore
Chastelana, an early dance group exists since March 2000. Its main goal is to recall the atmosphere of the end of the XV century and renaissance mainly via dance and fencing. Chastelana&#39;s dancers are also active members of Polish chivalry. They take part in various events and spectacles in Poland and abroad, which attempt at showing the reality of the Middle Ages and the renaissance. Gdańsk&#39;s group is mainly interested in dances of the end of XV century and dances of Lorenzo di Medici court. But is also keen on French and English renaissance and baroque dance. The dances Chastelana presents are reconstructions from old dance treateases like "Orchesographie" by Thoinot Arbeau, "Nobilitia di Dame", "Il Ballarino" "Le Gratie d&#39;Amore", "Joy and Jealousy" and "The English Dancemaster" by Playford. Although history the group is quite short, it managed to be a part of many cultural events all over Poland. At the International Festival of Street Theatres &#39;FETA&#39; 2001 the group performed for the first time for such a broad audience. Chastelana also has been cooperating with Nadbałtyckie Centrum Kultury (Baltic Cultural Centre) and performed at Baltic University of Dance. The group prepared various concerts held in castles and old towns all over Poland and took part in charity programmes &#39;WOŚP&#39; held annually in our country. Early Dances&#39; Group Chastelana cooperates with Youth Creative Club "Plama" in Gdańsk, Archeological Museum in Gdańsk, Academic Culture Centre and Early Music Group Bianco Fiore. Chastelana&#39;s members had the pleasure of taking part in various Early Dance workshops in Sandomierz, Cracow and in the fields of Grunwald, where they were learning hard under a watchful eye of such famous dance teachers as Bruna Gondoni, Dorothee Wortelboer and Marie - Claire le Corre. <font color="#D2CFA8">"Battaglia d&#39;Amore"</font> Screenplay: Paweł A.J.A. Kafeman Costumes: Chastelana (Aleksandra Kajdańska, Karolina Drozdowska, Monika Zielińska) according to authentic XVI century costumes by Janet Arnold Music: Fabritio Caroso ("Il Ballarino"), Cesare Negri ("Le Gratie d&#39;Amore"), Thoinot Arbeau ("Orchesographie") Arrangement: Dorothee Wortelboel i Dirkjan Horringa Year of production: 2003 Duration time: 40 minutes "Battaglia d&#39;Amore" is a program build with XVI century dances: "Il Ballarino" "Le Gratie d&#39;Amore" oraz "Orchesographie".
sobota, Sierpień 16, 2003 - 20:00