OOFF.OURO jest pochodzącą z Włoch wizualno- dźwiękowo-taneczną grupą. Projekt tworzą dwie osoby Danilo Casti i Alessandro Carboni. Projekt został zainspirowany Ouroborosem, mitologicznym zwierzęciem przypominającym węża, które zjada własny ogon. Uosabia ono cykliczność wydarzeń na ziemi, petlę, nieskończoność. Rozwój idei następuje przez artystyczną współpracę, penetrację materii i mieszanie jej różnych wersji. Tak obrana metoda przypomina fraktal, gdzie w danym przedmiocie widzimy inny, podobny ale bardziej interesujacy.

Projekt "Climax" oparty jest na kodowaniu i klasyfikacji kształtów oraz doświadczeń, jakie ze sobą niosą. W rezultacie każde studium stanowi platformę i sumę doświadczeń kształtów, które były wcześniej analizowane, furtkę między tym, co codzienne i niezwykłe i tym samym stanowi dziedzictwo wielkiego matematyka Leonardo Fibonacci.

OOFF.OURO (Italy) - mechano drama </font>"Like men in the return from the kingdom of the deads that bring with them an acute perception, an infallible sense of what really matter for to be alive. We are as a strategy of making intelligible meanings without troubling the silence and as the bravery of an animal to accept the risks. The truth of a man is what his own destiny is, or only his own cadaver." OOFF.OURO is a visual-audio-dance workgroup. After two years of experience and collaborations passed in the self-managed community association CPA in Florence, OOFF.OURO moved in Assemini, a small town in the south of Sardinia. Here they have created a solid platform to develop around it, OOFF.OURO NoProfitAssociation project. The project was born from the idea of the Ouroboros. The Ouroboros is a mithological animal, similar to a snake , that eat continuosly its tail. For OOFF.OURO it represents the cyclic entity of the world&#39;s event, the extreme loop, the infinity. From this concepts the ouroboros grows. The development of the themes, inside the project, is the collaboration between the artists, that in the infinity, combine all their experience. To penetrate the matter, combining layers. The method is like a fractal image, inside the shape there is another one similar but more interesting. The project is now growing and developing in a new system language called TABULA. The components of the group are Casti Danilo and Carboni Alessandro. Actually OOFF.OURO lives in London. <font color="#D2CFA8">"Climax/the vision of the world through an instant"</font> Author: Alessandro Carboni, Danilo Casti Dancer: Alessandro Carboni Realtime sonds: Danilo Casti Projections: Alessandro Carboni, Danilo Casti Year of production: 2003 Duration time: 35 minutes Climax develops it in different and single studies. Those one are developed in different residence periods, in organizations, in research centers, in no profit associations, in all realities in Europe and not, sensitive to the research and to the "man" problem as being in continuous expansion around the territory. The work takes in consideration the principle of evolution, starting from the concept "Hen to Pan" (the one is the whole) suggesting the possibility to peer at the infinity observing a point. Through it we want to meet the things origin until to arrive to a new possible codification of the language, of the reality. Each study is based on the codification and on the filing of shapes and experiences lived inside those communities during the residency periods. They will be used as platform over that will develop the successive studies. Will result that each study will be ideally the sum of experiences of the shapes analyzed previously, a stratification, the gate from the daily to the anti-daily: almost like as to run through the famous number succession of the great mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci.
piątek, Sierpień 15, 2003 - 23:00