Aktor i tancerz Alexej Merkushev studiował w Akademii Teatralnej w Leningradzie (St. Petersburgu). W 1986 roku rozpoczął współpracę ze słynnym teatrem muzycznym Avia. W 1987 roku razem z Antonem Adassinskim i innymi niezależnymi artystami założył teatr Derevo, pierwszy undergroundowy teatr w Rosji.

Przedstawienie zaczyna się obrazem miasta układającego się do snu - zanurzającego w świat snów... Scena zmienia się, kiedy wchodzi na nią mały, grymaśny, ale całkiem zabawny Wujek Wołodia. Mamy możliwość podejrzenia jego życia, którego każdy dzień wydaje się być piątkiem 13-ego.

Djadja Wolodja
Alexej Merkushev (actor and dancer) started his career in Theatre Academy in Leningrad (Sankt Petersburg) in 1986. First he worked with the famous music theatre Avia. In 1987 together with Anton Adassinsky and other free artists Merushev founded the theatre Derevo, which is called first underground theatre in Russia. He worked in this theatre-compagnie nearly twelve years and he is still involved into a few pieces. The artificial experiences that Alexej Merkushev could collect and impove in years of common work with Derevo helped him to find his own style of pantomime and sharp body language that are creating strong atmosphere. Since 1991 Alexej Merkushev also forced his solo projects. he founded the theatre Of in St. Petersburg, were he worked as an actor and director. Since 1994 he was closely connected with the Italian theatre company Guascone. In these period were created tree big open-air spectacles. Since 1997 he concentrated his work on solo-spectacles and successfully performed these pieces all over Europe. Furthermore he played in various movie-productions.Alexej Merkushev played in Feta in 2000 and 2002.The inhabitants of Threecity could also see Merkushev playing as an actor with Derevo theatre. <font color="#D2CFA8">"Djadja Wolodja" ("Uncle Wolodja")</font> Author: Alexej Merkushev Direction: Alexej Merkushev Set design: Alexej Merkushev Music: Andrei Sizincev, Evgenii Rojkov i Alexej Merkushev Costumes: Alexej Merkushev Actor: Alexej Merkushev Year of creation: December 1998 Duration time: ca. 50 minutes The performance starts with the immage of a city prepairing itself for sleeping - a dive into the world of dreams. The stage changes: we come to the room of one small unlucky but quite funny person - Uncle Wolodja. We get the possibility to see his life in which each day seems to be Friday 13. He lives in the cellar alone with strange animals as well as with the creations of his own imagination. The days are fulfilled with the banal things that turn for him into magic experiences, tragic and funny adventures. During performance the dream and dream-like world appears more and more dominating, much more interesting than real - practically - unnecessary one. So Uncle Wolodja with big enthusiasm, many times passes border of reality. Inside his dreams he becomes noble, proud, brave and romantic. We can see him transforming into an strong macho, a safari"s hunter. He is planting trees in a garden, flying like a bird, falling in love... After some time Uncle Wolodja goes much deeper into his inner world, so that it is not visible anymore where his real life ends and imagination one´s starts. Can anything clean his mind? Maybe love? But in the end it also doesn´t work out as well. He cannot reach anything, anybody anymore and deeply confused he leaves the stage alone with unclear destination. The frame picture from the beginning brings us back into the city which is just waking up. Sense of reality comes back. It even might be that the whole story did not hap en but was just a dream.
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