Theatre en Vol powstal w 1989 w Neapolu. Zespól założyła Michele Kramers, holenderska aktorka, która pracowała wcześniej z poznańskim Teatrem Ósmego Dnia oraz Puccio Savioli, sardyńskim aktorem, znanym z występów w Teatro Nucleo z Ferrary.

Surrealistyczny spektakl plenerowy z użyciem teatralnych pojazdów, pirotechniki, akrobatyki, żonglerki i muzyki. Pięć dziwacznych postaci prowadzi publiczność na powtórne odkrywanie miasta. Intrygująca kompania zaprasza publiczność i przechodniów do pomocy. Trzeba przecież znaleźć odpowiednie miejsce do spaceru w powietrzu dla Maestro Scintilla! Najróżniejsze nieoczekiwane zdarzenia sprawiają, że na ulicy rozgrywa się prawdziwa fiesta.

In 1989 Michele Kramers, Dutch actress who had worked for a long period with the Polish theatre company Teatr Ósmego Dnia and Puccio Savioli, Sardinian figurative artist and actor, who had been trained and worked with Teatro Nucleo from Ferrara, founded in Naples the company Theatre en Vol. Theatre en Vol is an international theatre company working in Sardinia, Italy and as well abroad. Italian theatre creates for the street, open air and multipurpose spaces as well as for specific sites. Its performances and spectacular events of high visual and emotive impact which unite actors, big theatrical machines built out of scrap materials, strong and moving images, scenic actions, choreographies, pyrotechnics, music and other disciplines create a dramatic, grotesque, ironic, absurd and surreal theatrical language. Through confrontation and dialogue with other artists from different artistic and national backgrounds, Theatre en Vol creates, in the form of interdisciplinary workshops on specific sites and themes, spectacular events in which both the space and the spectator take in a central role. Artistic intention of the company is to stimulate the imagination, perception and memory through direct involvement of and interactive relationship with the spectator, allowing him/her to assume an active position. Since 1989 Theatre en Vol has created 11 performances, some of which have toured Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Holland, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland and Hungary. Theatre en Vol"s members especially like to create spectacular events on particular themes for specific sites (of archeological, historical or landscapist interest etc.) such as abandoned factories or houses, deconsacrated churches, castles, parks and others in collaboration with artists from other disciplines and nationalities. Since 1991 Theatre en Vol has created 10 events for different dimensions and situations, foremostly in Italy, but also in Germany and France. Idea and construction of theatrical machines, set design, sculptures and urban installations out of scrap material. Since 1989 for more than 30 performances and situations, either for the company itself or commissioned by other companies or festivals, amongst others for the French Cirkub&#39;u (Saintes) and the Gavarnie - Symphonie la Création - event (IX Festival des Pyrénées a Gavarnie). Theatre en Vol also runs strong educational program.Since 1998 Theatre en Vol is in charge of cultural and educational center called Link, which is situated in Sassari (Italy). Since 1995 in Sardinia (Italy) Theatre en Vol runs International Street Art Festival called Girovagando. Since 2000 it also leads La Piazza Dei Sogni, Euromediterranean Street Theatre Festival. On the base of its wide experience in the field of street art and theatre various Sardinian towns and public entities entrust Theatre en Vol with the elaboration and realization of theatrical events and projects for open air spaces and the street. Theatre en Vol took part in many international theatre festivals such as: Abbiategrasso - Le Strade del Teatro, Cassinetta di Lugugnano - Le Strade del Teatro, Moncalieri - Theatropolis 2002 (Italy); Arhus Festival (Denmark); Calvi - Festival du Vent 2000, Bastia - Bivouac International, Draguignan - Draguifolies (France); Budapest - Sziget Festival 2002 (Hungary); Sandefjord - Theatre Market 2002, Stamsund - International Theatre Festival (Norvay); Novi Sad - Infant Festival 2000 (Serbia); Murska Sobota - Ana Desetnica Festival, Nova Gorica, Ljubljana and Kranj - Ana Desetnica Festival, Maribor - Festival Lent (Slovenia). Polish publicity know Theatre en Vol because they were performing twice in Malta Festival Poznań (1994 and 2000). <font color="#D2CFA8">"Macchinazione"</font> Author: Theatre en Vol Direction: Michele Kramers Set design: Puccio Savioli Costumes: Theatre en Vol Machines: Puccio Savioli Music: Various composers Actors: Andrea Piallini, Michele Kramers, Luca Piallini, Puccio Savioli, Francesca Zazzu Year of production: 1999 as work in progress Duration: ca. 60 - 75 minutes A surreal itinerary street performance with theatrical machines, fire works, acrobatics, juggling and music. Five queer characters guide the audience on a tour to rediscover the town involving it in their hunt for the ideal place for a "passeggiata a mezz"aria" (a walk in mid air). The curious fire and smoke spitting machine "Sputafuoco" (fire-spitting) is led through streets and squares, accompanied by its whimsical creator, Maestro Scintilla (Master Spark) who takes care that both fire and smoke never come to an end. At his side Nicoletta Farina di Ponzio (Nicoletta Flour of Ponzio), the famous, most elegant art critic and dance-fanatic, and for this occasional mistress of ceremonies. She is closely followed by her stepdaughter, Marina Saltarella (Marina the Jumper), apprentice in taking off on flight and guardian of the fascinating sound-producing machine "Suonatrombe" (Hornblowing). She in turn is incessantly persued by her obstinate suitor, the sly latin lover and porter Romeo Calaluna (Romeo Who Hauls the Moon Down), who is always ready to abandon the "Sputafuoco" and delve into new tricks to seduce the hesitant Marina. Goffreda Battipanni (Goffreda Who Beats the Clothes Clean), the faithful and when required agile "firewoman" with her comical machine "Spegnipassione" (passion-extinguishing), keeps a close eye upon him. The intriguing party invites the audience and casual passers-by to join in. The ideal place for the "passeggiata a mezz"aria" performed by Maestro Scintilla must be found! Various unexpected incidents and the architectural particularities force the procession to come to a stop every now and again and develop into a true fiesta on the street. The performance has been presented in Italy, France, Poland, Serbia, Norway, Slovenia and Hungary.
sobota, Sierpień 16, 2003 - 23:00