Jako teatr uliczny Bahö! stosuje bardzo ekspresyjną technikę gry. Aktorzy kreują groteskowe ale urocze, dziwne ale dające się lubić postacie. Muzyka na żywo, żonglerka i akrobatyka stanowią ważny element spektakli.

Dwójka handlarzy rozstawia swój stragan na ulicy. Jednak oferują dużo więcej niż tylko owoce i warzywa... Repertuar straganu obejmuje artystyczne rozrzucanie czereśni, występy kukiełek wykonanych z sałaty i żonglerka pomidorami. Prości koledzy ze straganu rozpoczynają twardą ale pełną inteligencji zabawę z owocami i warzywami. Widzowi pozostaje nie tylko podziwianie czarujących postaci ale też świeże jabłka i niezwykłe pomysły.

Fruit and Vegetables
As a street theatre group Theater Bahö! emphasizes expressive physical ways of performing. In doing so Bahö! creates grotesque but charming, strange but likeable characters. Music, juggling and acrobatics form important elements of show. But rather than presenting them as mere techniques, Austrian theatre incorporates these elements into the setting of our piece. Speech is used as a style element which need not be understood word by word. Theater Bahö! develops the scenes in a process based on improvisation. After refining the results of improvisation, show evolves by putting the scenes together. However, when Bahö! performs in the street, interaction with the spectators contributes to a further development of piece. "Bahö" is an expression taken from Viennese dialect. It signifies tumult and noise but it also stands for action and fun. The artists of Theater Bahö! joined to form a group in October 2000. Each of them brought with them experience in the performing-arts area. However, with people coming from quite different backgrounds such as theatre, music and circus-arts, Theater Bahö! faces special challenges and opportunities. <font color="#D2CFA8">"Obst und Gemüse" ("Fruits and vegetables")</font> Author: Florian Lassnig, Markus Hoffmann, Christian Suchy Direction: Christian Suchy Dramaturgy, production assistance: Christian Suchy Set design: Florian Lassnig, Markus Hoffmann Music: Florian Lassnig, Markus Hoffmann Costumes: Florian Lassnig, Markus Hoffmann Actors: Florian Lassnig, Markus Hoffmann Year of production: 2003 Duration: about 55 minutes Two vendors set up their stall on the street. However, they offer a lot more than fruits and vegetables. The repertoire includes artistic cherry spitting as well as lettuce-puppet-theatre and tomatoe-juggling. "Obst und Gemüse" is the first piece presented by a smaller cast of Theater Bahö!. Two simple market fellows start a rough but witful game with groceries. The spectators not only can enjoy charming characters but also fresh apples and fascinating ideas. Theater Bahö! always leaves room for experiments and new projects. There is never a lack of ideas. The new piece "Obst und Gemüse", presented by two actors of Theater Bahö!, is a delightful example of this passion for theatre.
niedziela, Sierpień 17, 2003 - 18:00
niedziela, Sierpień 17, 2003 - 20:00