Teatr Dansk Rakkerpak powstał w 1993 roku z założeniem, że będzie tworzył zarówno widowiska salowe jak i plenerowe; teatr rodzinny, zrozumiały dla dzieci, młodzieży i dorosłych. Z biegiem czasu Dansk Rakkerpak wyspecjalizował się jako teatr uliczny. Członkom grupy spodobał się fakt, że w plenerze mogą objawić się nowemu rodzajowi publiczności, ludziom nie uczęszczającym na co dzień do teatru.

"Rodzina Limbus" jest przykuwającym uwagę spektaklem o więzach krwi. Dansk Rakkerpak opowiada ją w unikalnym, zrozumiałym dla wszystkich języku teatru ulicznego. Trwające około 50 minut przedstawienie wypełnione jest dowcipem, artyzmem i poetyką teatru.

The Limbus Family
Targ Rybny
Dansk Rakkerpak was founded in 1993 with the goal of producing stationary as well as touring theatre performances for children, youth, adults, and families, to be presented within Denmark as well as internationally. In recent years Dansk Rakkerpak have become known mostly for street theatre, where has appealed to new and untried audiences in addition to the traditional theater public. In street theatre performances Dansk Rakkerpak has convincingly developed a style and a theatre language creating performances equally appealing to adults and children from ca. 6 years. As a result the two groups can enjoy the same cultural entertainment, without needing to go to the theatre for one another&#39;s sake. Dansk Rakkerpak&#39;s actors are educated in the Jaques Lecoq tradition at The Commedia School, Copenhagen, 1983-1986. Here they have worked with physical training and acting techniques, as well as with people&#39;s theatre forms such as commedia Dell Arte, melodrama, story-telling, clown and buffoon. This education has since been renewed through courses with, among others, Philippe Goullier, Keith Johnstone, and Paul Clemmence (in Mike Leigh acting techniques). Feta 2003 will be Dansk Rakkerpak&#39;s first visit in Poland. <font color="#D2CFA8">"The Limbus Family"</font> Author: Niels Gronne Direction: Lars Knutzon Set design: Christian Q. Clausen Composer: Mikael Fritze Consultant: Soren Flor Performers: Niels Peter Kloft, Soren Moller Pedersen, Marlie Szlavik Gunge & Niels Gronne Year of production: Winter 2003 Duration: ca. 60 minutes A bookish young girl is put in contact with two fallen artist brothers by her guardian angel. She is hired as their assistant, and by coincidence finds a circus poster which shows that her recently deceased mother had once been a part of the act. One of the brothers must be her father! The cleverest of the brothers - who has come on to her strongly from the start - admits that he had been lovers with her mother, reluctantly accepting paternity. A fateful accident, occurring in the execution of a dangerous stunt, requires an organ donor and again sets focus upon the problem of paternity. A serious family crises threatens and necessitates that the guardian angel now steps into character... The "Limbus Family" is a compelling performance about blood ties and the importance of knowing one&#39;s biological origin - presented on and around an original Limbus motorcycle in Dansk Rakkerpak&#39;s unique international, physical language of the theatre, appealing to both children and adults. <bt>The performance lasts ca. 50 minutes and is filled with comedy, artistry, and poetic theatre.
czwartek, Sierpień 14, 2003 - 19:00
piątek, Sierpień 15, 2003 - 19:00