Theatre En Vol (Teatr w Locie) powstał w 1989 roku z inicjatywy Michele Kramers i Puccia Ravioli. Idea teatru powstała z niezwykle ważnego dla jego twórców pojęcia wolności rozumianej jako marzenie człowieka o lataniu.

"Nel segno di Guernica" inspirowany obrazem Pabla Picassa wyrażającym tragedię wojny domowej w Hiszpanii, w latach 1936-1939. Przedstawienie opowiada w metaforycznym skrócie traumę wojny. Mroczna oprawa spektaklu spotęgowana jest ogromnymi ludzkimi cieniami i ogniem jakby wyjętymi z Guerniki. Widzowie są uczestnikami tragedii tego małego baskijskiego miasteczka, z którego nie ma już ucieczki. Dramaturgię przedstawienia potęguje muzyka Milesa Davisa, Mozarta, Jeana Sibeliusa oraz niezwykle spektakularne pokazy pirotechniczne.

In the sign of Guernica
Długi Targ
It was 1989, when the Dutch actress Michele Kramers and Sardinian artist Puccio Savioli, created the Theatre En Vol. Freedom and man's utopian dreams of flying are the motto of the theatre. The fascination with flying is repeated very often in their spectacles, for example in "Macchinazione' that was shown during FETA 2004. Michele Kramers and Puccio Savioli have their roots in the politically involved theatres of the 80's. The first one of them is the Argentinian Theatre Nucleo that was forced to leave its motherland torn by brutal civil war. The second one is the Polish theatre from Poznań "Teatr Ósmego Dnia", that was travelling abroad when the Martial law was announced in Poland. The Theatre Nucleo, taking refuge in Ferrara, gave shelter to the Polish theatre. Even though the Theatre En Vol cut off direct relations with politics, it still talks about matters that are most important to us. It runs International Street Art Festival called Girovagando. Since 2000 it also leads La Piazza Dei Sogni, Euromediterranean Street Theatre Festival. Its spectacular performances are highly visual and emotional. Actors, big theatrical machines built out of scrap materials, strong and moving images, scenic actions, choreographies, pyrotechnics, music and other disciplines create a dramatic, grotesque, ironic, absurd and surreal theatrical language. "Under the sign of Guernica" ("Nel segno di Guernica") Dierctor: Michele Kramers, Theatre Machines: Puccio Savioli Actors: Michele Kramers, Puccio Ravioli, Andrea Pallini, Luca Pallini During FETA 2004, the Italian theatre will present to the Polish audience a spectacle inspired by Pablo Picasso's painting. "Nel Segno di Guernica" describes a tragedy that took place during the Spanish Civil War during 1936 - 1939. The performance will enclose the audience in the embrace of fire, it will imprison the specatators among the figures of Picasso´s famous masterpiece. The inflamed metal silhouettes become alive due to the work of the actors, who move the mobile installations. Fright and attraction alternated with a crescendo leads to a final explosion of music by Miles Davis, J. Sibelius, W.A. Mozart, G. Fauré, Molodov, Paolo Fresu and fireworks that floodlit the square.
poniedziałek, Lipiec 19, 2004 - 01:00