Stella Polaris to jeden z najstarszych teatrów ulicznych działających w Norwegii. Zespół powstał w 1985 roku z inicjatywy Meret'y Klinga i Per'a Spildra Borg.

Spektakl "Statek Głupców", nawiązuje do mitologicznego znaczenia Gwiazdy Polarnej oraz do średniowiecznej legendy o tajemniczym okręcie, który zawijał do różnych portów, zabierając na pokład szaleńców odrzuconych przez społeczeństwo. Tych którzy nigdy, nikogo i nic nie mieli… Twórcy przedstawienia inspirowali się, szczególnie w warstwie wizualnej, obrazem Hieronima Boscha pod tym samym tytułem. To piętnastowieczne dzieło nawiązuje z kolei do mrocznego, średniowiecznego utworu literackiego "Statek Głupców," niemieckiego pisarza Sebastiana Brandta.

The Ship of Fools
Targ Rybny
Stella Polaris it is one of the oldest street theatres in Norway. The company was founded by Merete Klingen and Per Spildra Borg in 1985. Their productions span from small storytelling, to big outdoor events that explode in colours, music and energy. Merete and Per got inspired while visiting Poland, when they were analasying the Łemk culture. They set up their theatre, based on motives from the Middle Ages, combined with other cultures and times. Through the world of circus theatre, myths and storytelling, the Norwegians break the borders between fantasy and reality. They give the audience an experience without boundries of time and space. Stella Polaris took part not only in many international festivals but also in the Olympic Games at Lillehammer in 1994. "The Ship of Fools" ("Narrenes Skip") Director: Per Spildra Borg, Music: Andreas Mjos, Costumes: Anja Boman, Heidi Lia In the Middle Ages people told tales of the so-called Ship of Fools - a mysterious ship which sailed from harbour to harbour and collected the insane, the outcasts, those who didn't belong anywhere ... In The Ship of Fools, Bosch is imagining that the whole of mankind is voyaging through the seas of time on a ship, a small one, that is a representative of humanity. Sadly, each of the representatives is a fool. But is there anybody who does not sail in the wretched discomfort of the ship of human folly? Stella Polaris has created its own Ship of Fools. We follow the passengers on this enchanted ship through their everyday and not so everyday ordeals. The performance is about a journey, where the voyage - and the dream of travelling - is more important than the destination itself. This is theatre for all senses. Theatre, which allows insanity to bloom - and thereby both create and heal. We invite you to an evening of healthy madness!
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