Guide to performances 2024

fot. Marek Zakrzewski

A3Teatr Kolekcjonerzy Wzruszeń „Światło jest w nas – parada lampionów (The Light is in us – lantern parade) / Poland, Hajnówka

The A3Teatr’s parade in the Reagan Park will enchant the audience, and at the same time will promote art engagement by people with disabilities, presenting them as fully-fledged artists and participants in cultural events. The parade will be preceded by a workshop for people with disabilities.  

A3Teatr does not use text, although it sometimes appears. It is not a dance theatre, and yet it combines movement with music. It is not mime, but it glorifies gesture. It shows viewers a kaleidoscope of images – dynamic, static, sharp and blurred with sensitivity.   

The project is a part of the nationwide Sensitive Culture competition supported by PEFRON (The State Fund for Rehabilitation of Disabled People). 

> Saturday 13.07.2024 / 21:00 / 60 min – start: near the pond

> Sunday 14.07.2024 / 20:00 / 60 min – start: near the pond

fot. Gert Swillens

Arjan Kruidhof & Arjen Schoneveld “The Relaxerette” – an installation / Netherlands  

The unique, eye-catching installation „The Relaxerette” created by the Dutch artists Arjan Kruidhof and Arjen Schoneveld invites the audience to experience an adventure inspired by language, poetry and soundscapes. Immerse yourself in the hammock cocoon and let your mind breathe by choosing a recording that suits your mood. Will you join sisters who are trying to uncover an unspoken-of family secret? Or maybe you want to learn how to calm your mind when you choose relaxation with a guide? Lie down, feel free from the overload of stimuli and find a moment for yourself during the sound journey with „The Relaxerette”!  

> Friday 12.07.2024 / 13:00-16:00 i 17:00-19:00 / 15 min – A1

> Saturday 13.07.2024 / 13:00-16:00 i 17:00-19:00 / 15 min – A1

> Sunday 14.07.2024 / 13:00-16:00 i 17:00-19:00 / 15 min – A1

fot. Theatre’s press materials

Cia. PakiPaya „Shake, Shake, Shake” / Spain Catalonia

A surprising show to the rhythm of disco music! 

Attention! In search of the perfect partner, Tony will choose a volunteer from the audience, and in the arms of this seductive gentleman, anything is possible! 

Humour, audience participation, risk and emotions – a performance that will appeal to both children and adults. 

Cia. PakiPaya was founded in 2008 thanks to a meeting between Noemí Díaz and Adrià Mascarell, who combined their artistic passion for circus, theatre and humor, creating their own style in which circus technique works in service of theatrical dramaturgy. They use aerial acrobatics as a tool to transport viewers into a world of fun. 

> Friday 12.07.2024 / 19:00 / 50 min – C1

> Saturday 13.07.2024 / 15:00 / 50 min – C1

> Saturday 13.07.2024 / 20:00 / 50 min – C1

> Sunday 14.07.2024 / 17:00 / 50 min – C1

fot. Theatre’s press materials

Compagnia LA FABIOLA „Attenti a quei due/Pay attention to those two” / Italy

Meet Giulio, a very curious dog who loves sweets, and Fabiola, a sweet, cheeky, impetuous girl. They will meet in a funny musical marionette show, so realistic and so full of personality that it’s easy to forget that they are both in fact… puppets!  

The Italian troupe Compagnia LA FABIOLA was established in 2005. For years, they have been building and refining sophisticated marionettes animated by a complex system of strings. The artists’ work results in puppets with a moving body and face parts. This allows them to interact with the audience without words, in a surprisingly natural way, crossing the thin line between reality and fiction. 

> Friday 12.07.2024 / 16:00 / 35 min – B2

> Friday 12.07.2024 / 18:00 / 35 min – B2

> Saturday 13.07.2024 / 16:30 / 35 min – A2

> Saturday 13.07.2024 / 18:30 / 35 min – A2

> Sunday 14.07.2024 / 16:30 / 35 min – A2

> Sunday 14.07.2024 / 18:30 / 35 min – A2

fot. Aiman Saadellaoui

Compagnie Transe Express “Maudits Sonnants” / France

These are mischievous bell ringers, obsessed with time. Each of them, enclosed in his own Universe, haughtily rings the bells during the sky parade. Time passes, and the silences between the chimes of the bell resound in tension…  

We invite you to a spectacular, sky-high musical show. See the unique, moving scenery and hear the mesmerising sounds of a carillon suspended in the sky. 

During their career, Compagnie Transe Express had the opportunity to delight the audience of 72 countries on 5 continents, including performing at the opening of the Olympic Games in 1992. For years, the Compagnie have been shaping their unique style combining the theatre of shocking creations with music and using the city as an unconventional stage with a love for monumental and sky art. They have been working since 1987, surprising passers-by and creating impressive living images that invoke confrontations between the audience and the artist, the architecture and the machine.   

> Thursday 11.07.2024 / 22:00 / 50 min – Plac Zebrań Ludowych | Tickets: 10 zł (LINK)

fot. Søren K. Kløft

Dansk Rakkerpak „Jane Blond” / Denmark

The universal language of theatre, music, comedy and… slow-motion sequences! 

Jane Blond holds a “licence to kill” and at this year’s FETA Festival, she will take on a gallery of beastly criminals to ultimately save the world from extinction.  

Dansk Rakkerpak returns to Gdańsk! Their shows are known for their creativity, unusual ideas and a strong emotional message. The dynamic and engaging experience of participating in Dansk Rakkerpak shows is appreciated by both children who play and participate in performances and adults who admire the company’s innovative approach to theatre for young audiences. See for yourself!  

> Friday 12.07.2024 / 17:00 / 50 min – B4

> Friday 12.07.2024 / 20:00 / 50 min – B4

> Saturday 13.07.2024 / 16:00 / 50 min – B4

> Saturday 13.07.2024 / 19:00 / 50 min – B4

fot. Martin Mostert

El Loren “The Human Drum Machine” / Spain, Germany

A constantly evolving set consisting of recycled materials: PVC pipes, paint buckets, frying pans, bicycle bells, oven trays, ashtrays…  

Installation? No! These are unique instruments developed and handcrafted by the artist Lorenzo Mena Moreno!  

Techno, electro, dub, hip-hop and funk. Lorenzo is inspired by electronic music to create hypnotic and energetic pieces based on organic rhythms and sounds that captivate audiences from around the world. 

> Saturday 13.07.2024 / 14:00 / 30 min – CF

> Saturday 13.07.2024 / 17:00 / 30 min – CF

> Saturday 13.07.2024 / 19:00 / 30 min – CF

fot. Press materials

Gluu “Music is Everywhere” / Spain, Germany 

A concert performance that combines many styles of electronic music with unique sounds of everyday objects, not usually seen as musical instruments. A generator of colourful sounds you’ve never heard before. The technique for making this unusual combination is the „loop” – a live music loop.  

> Friday 12.07.2024 / 16:00 / 30 min – CF

> Friday 12.07.2024 / 18:00 / 30 min – CF

> Friday 12.07.2024 / 19:30 / 30 min – CF

> Sunday 14.07.2024 / 14:00 / 30 min – CF

> Sunday 14.07.2024 / 16:00 / 30 min – CF

> Sunday 14.07.2024 / 18:00 / 30 min – CF

fot. Jonny Kopp

Joshua Monten Dance Company „Romeo, Romeo, Romeo” / Switzerland

Even today, in the age of online dating, dance still plays a key role in how many of us find a partner.  

A dance performance by the Swiss group Joshua Monten Dance Company, where four Romeos explore the idea of dance as an exciting form of a mating ritual. Each viewer can take on the role of Julia and witness the efforts of dancers trying to impress her with their artistry, grace, athletics, dexterous movements, and sometimes just naked desperation… 

Joshua Monten Dance Company was founded in 2012 by Joshua Monten – a Swiss-American choreographer and dancer from New York City – who has given hundreds of performances at festivals and in theatres around the world. Joshua Monten regularly creates choreography for theatre, opera, ballet, museums and for popularisation programmes. His work as a choreographer is deeply rooted in encounters with diverse audiences and forms of artistic expression.

Joshua Monten Dance Company will perform at this year’s FETA Festival thanks to the financial support of Pro Helvetia, Kultur Stadt Bern, SWISSLOS/ Culture Canton de Berne and Loterie Romande / Corodis. 

> Friday 12.07.2024 / 17:00 / 30 min – E2 

> Friday 12.07.2024 / 20:00 / 30 min – E2 

> Saturday 13.07.2024 / 16:00 / 30 min – E2 

> Saturday 13.07.2024 / 18:00 / 30 min – E2 

> Sunday 14.07.2024 / 15:00 / 30 min – E2 

> Sunday 14.07.2024 / 19:00 / 30 min – E2 

fot. HaWa

Mikro Teatr „Apsik!” (Achoo!) / Poland, Legnica

About how the Needle and the Thread danced and what Samochwała boasted about. About where Babulej and Babulejka travelled, what Pytalski asked, what vegetables talked about on market day and what Lazybones did all day…   

We will find answers to these and many other questions together during a family show – a concert of the Mikro Teatr company! Age does not matter, and neither does grey hair – imagination is enough to set us off on a journey to the land of sound and imagination. The characters from famous children’s poems by Jan Brzechwa will appear in a completely new, musical format – in the form of vocal games using various instruments. There will be rock, there will be folk and there will be melancholy.   

The Mikro Teatr Foundation consists of acting graduates from the Białystok Branch of the Theatre Academy in Warsaw. They want to talk about things that are important to the world on a micro scale. The artists have extensive experience in the field of theatre education (they have run numerous workshops for children and adults) and the main area of their activity is supporting artistic activities and the integration of creative communities.   

> Saturday 13.07.2024 / 14:00 / 60 min – B1 / Polish Sign Language

> Sunday 14.07.2024 / 15:10 / 60 min – B1

fot. Petru Ivu

PIA Projectos de Intervenção Artística / Portugal


Somewhere, between life and death, where a journey through an unreal, poetic Universe begins, reality and fiction mingle…  

A show using large puppets, referring to the figures of Giants appearing in the traditions of many cultures. Theatre of objects and animated form.   

fot. Carme Ripolles


It will be a perverse, idyllic performance that draws attention to the galloping climate change. Actors on stilts will invite the audience to reflect on what life would be like if technology replaced interpersonal relationships and access to oxygen became a luxury.   

PIA is a professional company from Portugal presenting street performance and visual arts. For more than 22 years, PIA have been devoted to the continuous development of the collective in terms of the accessibility of art for every citizen of the world, regardless of social, racial or religious divisions. Their work has a multidisciplinary character, referencing physical theatre, illustrated with animated puppets and objects. The theatre combines circus stilt art with the concept of an artistic installation in the public space.   

> Friday 12.07.2024 / 18:00 “InbetweenWorlds” / 60 min – C2 

> Friday 12.07.2024 / 22:00 “O2 [OXYGEN]” / 50 min – D 

> Saturday 13.07.2024 / 18:00 “InbetweenWorlds” / 60 min – C2 

> Saturday 13.07.2024 / 22:00 “O2 [OXYGEN]” / 50 min – D 

fot. Kim Shine

Serious Clown Company „Titan / The Tower” / Germany, Australia

The Earth has used up all its resources! A clown who was sent into space in search of resources to save the world is stuck on another planet! In his journey, he goes through a series of emotions. Through an interactive installation, the audience will be introduced to a world of discovery, desperation, loneliness and joy.  

Serious Clown, or actor Adam Read, has been performing street theatre for 25 years. He has worked with various groups from around the world, including Cirque du Soleil. He builds his own stage sets and creates the characters who interact with the environment in his solo performances. In his creation, Serious Clown uses sound, the play of lights, video projection and lasers. 

> Friday 12.07.2024 / 21:00 / 60 min – E3

> Saturday 13.07.2024 / 21:00 / 60 min – E3

> Sunday 14.07.2024 / 21:00 / 60 min – E3

fot. Karsten Piper

Studium Actoris & Adrian Schvarzstein „Sweet Home on Wheels” / Norway, Spain

A tiny caravan – a gift from the friend’s neighbour’s cousin’s wife’s uncle – provides the characters with safe shelter. Especially now that the general crisis has left them without housing and pension funds. A dwelling on wheels would have all the advantages of a cosy place that a couple could call a home, but unfortunately… An over-furnished small caravan combines badly with the tensions generated by a 50-year marriage! Difficult living conditions constantly disrupt the harmony of the world in which the couple lives, creating absurd and comical situations. 

What will the husband and wife come up with to overcome the claustrophobic lack of space? 

Barcelona resident Adrian Schvarzstein is a comedian, actor and director of circus and street theatre. Schvarzstein is a very energetic showman who bases his performances on comic chaos, elements of surprise and provocative innocence. His art has been appreciated in theatres and festivals around the world, from Ireland to Cameroon. 

As an innovative and experimental international company, Studium Actoris deal with stage art that addresses topical, controversial problems of our current times. They create new experiences by combining various art forms and genres, drawing inspiration from different cultures and countries. 

The show is a co-production by Studium Actoris and Adrian Schvarzstein with the support of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dans-og Teatrersentrum, Tall Ships Races Fredrikstad 2019 and the city of Fredrikstad in Norway. 

> Saturday 13.07.2024 / 17:00 / 45 min – C6 

> Saturday 13.07.2024 / 19:00 / 45 min – C6 

> Sunday 14.07.2024 / 16:00 / 45 min – C6

> Sunday 14.07.2024 / 19:00 / 45 min – C6

fot. Sylwia Zawadzka

Teatr Akt / Poland, Warsaw

„Fantomy” (Phantoms)

An outdoor performance inspired by the novel „Solaris” by Stanisław Lem, in which the storyline runs on two parallel levels: a romantic love story and a philosophical tale of an encounter with the Unknown, i.e. the thinking Ocean. In both cases – interpersonal and interspecies relations – a human shows an inability to establish a real bond. The always current topics of space travel, meetings and attempts to establish contact with „aliens” stimulates imagination and is connected here with a reflection on the human condition, human fears and problems in relations with another person.  

fot. Arkadiusz Szadkowski

„Fu-Turyści” (Fu-Tourists) – parade

Parade, happening, visual arts event, subversive game played with the viewer. Visitors from another dimension who look down on the world – negating everything traditional and logical, supporters of the future – visit planet Earth. Curious and eager for new sensations, they make for a  bizarre group in urban spaces. They entice Earthlings into their activities, arousing surprise and fear, but more often a sincere joy, because their spontaneous mission is completely peaceful! 

Teatr Akt has been working in Warsaw for over 30 years and is one of the few fully independent theatre companies in Poland, consistently practicing their own theatre art. The art of mime, gesture, and visual image is complemented in their performances by elements of circus and dance. Interactive performances and happenings in the poetics of street theatre are an inseparable part of their shows. In recent years, the performances of the Teatr Akt have been enriched with live music and video projections. 

> Sunday 14.07.2024 / 17:00 „Fu-Turyści” / 50 min – start: A3

> Sunday 14.07.2024 / 22:00 „Fantomy” / 70 min – E1 

fot. Arkadiusz Szadkowski

Teatr HoM „Don Quixote” / Poland, Tychy

How does the world today treat alienated dreamers like Don Quixote? What fate awaits Dulcinea, by no means a model of wifely virtues, in a patriarchal community?    

„Don Quixote”, based on the novel by Miguel Cervantes, is the latest production from the Teatr HoM hailing from Tychy. It is an outdoor show based on classic street theatre techniques. It makes a use of enormous machines, fire and interaction with the audience, while at the same time taking a form of a concert. The music was composed and is performed live by Michał Czachowski, one of the most recognized and feted flamenco guitarists in Poland. He will be accompanied by a saxophonist – Michał Sosna.   

Founded in 2014 and from the beginning led by Jakub Kabus, the Teatr HoM derives its roots from the classic mime art. While remaining in the realm of movement theatre, HoM’s shows have evolved into large-scale outdoor performances, its main domain or artistic activity today. Auteur-director’s in form, the shows draw inspiration from literature and history. Teatr HoM’s key concept is to create multi-layered performances for a broad range of audiences, which under the layer of an attractive show aim to entertain and touch, telling stories inviting reflection, giving a wide scope for interpretation and thought.  

> Friday 12.07.2024 / 22:00 / 60 min – E1

> Saturday 13.07.2024 / 22:00 / 60 min – E1


fot. Theatre’s press material

Teatr Malowany Piosenkami „Opowieści z szafy” (Tales from the Wardrobe) / Poland, Olsztyn

Did you know that the best stories start in a wardrobe?   

This ordinary-extraordinary piece of furniture offers a perfect shelter from problems, as well as making a vehicle allowing us to activate children’s imagination. Thanks to the wardrobe we move to another dimension, discover and learn the secrets of nature, meet new superheroes and release the birds of our imagination. This magical old wardrobe sometimes turns into a stage; at other times it is a gallery. Come and see what happens in the wardrobe at the FETA 2024 Festival!  

The event is dedicated to the young and the adults, its leitmotif and an element of set design is an old pre-war wardrobe. Viewers take an active part in the performance and have several tasks to complete. The songs help them learn how autumn paints the leaves, how well the huts sleep in the fog, what water and sky dream about, what the golden spider uses to weave the nest in the witches’ hair and find answers to many other interesting questions. 

Teatr Malowany Piosenkami (A song-painted theatre) is a theatrical project by Marta Andrzejczyk, an actress and singer from Olsztyn.  

> Saturday 13.07.2024 / 15:10 / 60 min – B3

> Sunday 14.07.2024 / 14:00 / 60 min – B3 / Polish Sign Language

fot. Anna Orzyłowska

Teatr Migro „Tajniki” (Secrets) / Poland, Kraków

The show starts in two places at the same time, and the viewers themselves choose whose story they want to follow. The story of two soldiers – brothers returning from the war to their family home, or the story of sisters who had to hide in a wardrobe during the war. Depending on whose fates they follow, their perspective and reception of the story may be different. Finally, the paths of migrants will be intertwined in one stream of events. The show primarily aims to make the viewer reflect on how easily we judge others, how short-sighted our perception of reality is and how much of an impact on human decisions the course of history has.  

The stage Teatr Migro performs on is made up of streets, squares and plazas of small towns and large cities. In Migro’s performances, there are no words. There are gestures, dance and facial expressions, making up a theatrical language legible to every viewer. The name “Migro” refers to the wandering nature of street theatre companies, but it also emphasises the themes that Migro theatre artists are interested in: migrant communities, random encounters in our daily journey.

> Saturday 13.07.2024 / 16:00 / 60 min – C3, C4 (starts simultaneously in both places)

> Sunday 14.07.2024 / 18:00 / 60 min – C3, C4 (starts simultaneously in both places)

fot. Sebastian Stankiewicz

TEATR Pantomimy MIMO „Café Silencio” / Poland, Warsaw 

At Café Silencio, a seemingly peaceful place, viewers will have the opportunity to observe a variety of characters: lovers, thoughtful artists, rushing people of action. Each guest brings their own baggage of emotions, expectations and desires, creating a unique atmosphere of the place. In a performance full of subtle gestures and unforced humour, everyone is waiting for something or someone – but how long will they have to wait to be served? 

TEATR Pantomimy MIMO, which will perform its latest show at this year’s FETA Festival, was founded in 2002 by Bartłomiej Ostapczuk as a single actor theatre. It quickly transformed into an ensemble. Artistic explorations of the actors resulted in the development of a recognisable theatrical language. MIMO creators try to combine the most important elements of the art of the key founders and reformers of contemporary mime. In their theatrical work they use movement and gesture to attempt to express the essence of feelings and emotions, not avoiding a dose of the absurd. They want the limits of their imagination to be their only limits, while respecting the principles of mime art. 

> Saturday 13.07.2024 / 15:00 / 50 min – C5

> Saturday 13.07.2024 / 20:00 / 50 min – C5

> Sunday 14.07.2024 / 20:00 / 50 min – C5


fot. Paweł Krupek

Teatr Warszawskiego Centrum Pantomimy „Treny – poza słowami” (The Laments – beyond words) / Poland, Warsaw

Is it possible to show poetry by transcending verbal narration? Can the essence of lyrical poetry resonate in the theatre, where the purposeful silence of actors is the basis of the action? The performance „Treny – poza słowami” by Teatr Warszawskiego Centrum Pantomimy is an attempt at the meeting of worlds that in themselves constitute a whole: the poetry of the word and the poetry of the body. It is the interpenetration of thoughts and emotions contained in a literary work. 

It is a story about a man who, embarking on a journey in search of a lost person, meets himself, and the confrontation with the reality of the inner world brings him closer to perhaps the greatest mystery. 

Teatr Warszawskiego Centrum Pantomimy was founded in 2013. The shows performed by the company are the work of international mime artists. The Theatre collaborates with renowned artists, combining acting skills with their imagination and experience. The Theatre presents the contemporary viewer with the wealth of mime art, which, despite its long tradition, can still be a source of artistic discovery. 

> Sunday 14.07.2024 / 22:00 / 50 min – D

fot. Malwina Łubieńska

TeatRyle „Włoszczyzna” (Soup Veg) / Poland, Poznań 

The main characters of „Włoszczyzna” are Celery and Parsley, who, together with Carrot and Leek, are suffering a cold winter at a small Polish market. One day they learn that they all originate from Italy and decide to return to their homeland. Along the way, they experience all sorts of adventures and meet unusual characters: an Apple that will become Core, a hungry Czech Bunny, a German Wurst in love and an Italian market seller called Groundhog. These characters are played by hilarious puppets, and the journey is enlivened by songs incorporating motifs typical of the regions of Europe passed by the travelling vegetables. Join us on a journey with veg!  

TeatRyle is a project by Mariola and Marcin Ryl-Krystianowski, graduates of PWST of the Faculty of Puppetry (currently the Theatre Academy) in Białystok, who normally work as actors of Teatr Animacji in Poznań. They began their theatrical activity in 1995 and although they do not have their own stage, ticket office, a cafeteria selling crisps and drinks, dressing rooms or administration, they are known to children from all over Poznań, many other Polish cities and some villages of the World. They write about themselves: „We teach children aged 3 to 103 years old theatre-play and theatrical thinking.” 

> Saturday 13.07.2024 / 17:00 / 45 min – B2 / Polish Sign Language

> Sunday 14.07.2024 / 17:00 / 45 min – B2


Busker performances / Poland

Interactive street circus shows! Three artists from different parts of Poland, three different performances. Each will showcase their unique range of skills, from juggling to wheel acrobatics!

fot. Busker’s press materials

Krzysztof Kostera „Niebiezpieczne rzeczy” (Dangerous Things) / Poland, Warsaw

A street circus show with elements of interaction with the audience. Krzysztof Kostera is a double graduate of the Circus School in Julinek, so he makes sure that all the skills presented are at a high level and guarantees the quality of the show.

> Friday 12.07.2024 / 20:15 / 40 min – D

fot. Busker’s press materials

Łukasz Bogusław „Cyrk na kółkach” (Circus on Wheels) / Poland, Warsaw

A circus show on a bicycle and unicycle, in which the artist engages the audience. Łukasz Bogusław is a graduate of the State School of Circus Art and specializes in bicycle performances.

> Saturday 13.07.2024 / 19:15 / 30 min – D

fot. Busker’s press materials

Łukasz Otto Wójcik „Otto Wow” / Poland, Warsaw

Interactive show of the new circus. The show will feature, among others, wheel acrobatics and juggling. A family performance in a comedy setting. The show engages both children and adults.

Łukasz Otto Wójcik, semi-finalist of the polish „Got Talent” program and graduate of the State School of Circus Art. He has been lighting up stages for over 15 years, entertaining audiences not only in Poland, but also in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Italy, the Czech Republic and Sweden. His versatility is visible not only in his performances at street artists’ festivals in Poland, but also in other projects. Among other things, in cooperation with the Theater Institute. Gaining recognition in front of thousands of people around the world.

> Sunday 14.07.2024 / 19:15 / 40 min – D



fot. Band’s press materials

Porost Formy nad Pleśnią + Davíð Ágústsson (YelLoVoLcano) / Poland, Iceland 

Porost Formy nad Pleśnią is a band that was born during many years of weekly musical meetings, where the only goal was to fly together with sound, to unite in sound. Improvisation, listening to each other and a shared trance is the foundation of this music. We are accompanied by the sounds of guitars, bass, various ethnic instruments, drums, voices. 

Davíð Ágústsson (YelLoVoLcano) is an Icelandic multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, beatboxer, with whom the band Porost Formy nad Pleśnią met during the Icelandic Esjan Music Gathering in March 2024. The magic of their musical connection meant that Davíð will appear in Poland in July as a guest performer with the band at FETA Festival 2024. 

> Sunday 14.07.2024 / 21:00 / 60 min – A3

fot. Przemek Banaś

Surtarang / Poland, Poznań 

Sur means sound, tarang means wave. 

The band’s inspiration is oriental music, primarily Indian.  

They use original oriental instruments such as sitar, tabla, saz and darbuka, decorating them with modern electronic sounds in which you can hear edm, trance and dub. The music is complemented by mystical singing, and the mantras take you on a journey not only sonically, but also emotionally and spiritually. 

> Saturday 13.07.2024 / 20:00 / 60 min – A3


fot. Band’s press materials

T’ien Lai / Poland, Bydgoszcz 

A Polish experimental group of masked shamans of rhythm. The group has adapted rhythms inspired by club music from Uganda, Portugal, Brazil, Angola and South Africa to create a unique musical world connecting East and West, North and South.  

This is how „konk” has originated – a Slavic variation on musical genres including gqom, funk carioca and batida presented by the luminaries of Polish music underground: Łukasz Jędrzejczak (Javva), Jakub Ziołek (||ALA|MEDA||) and Qba Janicki (Maldives), whose broad spectrum of stage and artistic experiences as well as specific destructional-emotional juxtaposition of characters redefine in a non-compromising way the actual state of the European club scene, delivering dynamic, vibrant, colourful live performances. 

> Friday 12.07.2024 / 21:00 / 60 min – A3

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Jeśli zostawisz na naszej witrynie komentarz, będzie można wybrać opcję zapisu twojej nazwy, adresu e-mail i adresu strony internetowej w ciasteczkach, dzięki którym podczas pisania kolejnych komentarzy powyższe informacje będą już dogodnie uzupełnione. Ciasteczka wygasają po roku. Jeśli odwiedzisz stronę logowania, utworzymy tymczasowe ciasteczko na potrzeby sprawdzenia czy twoja przeglądarka akceptuje ciasteczka. Nie zawiera ono żadnych danych osobistych i zostanie usunięte, kiedy przeglądarka zostanie zamknięta. Podczas logowania tworzymy dodatkowo kilka ciasteczek potrzebnych do zapisu twoich informacji logowania oraz wybranych opcji ekranu. Ciasteczka logowania wygasają po dwóch dniach, a opcji ekranu po roku. Jeśli zaznaczysz opcję „Pamiętaj mnie”, logowanie wygaśnie po dwóch tygodniach. Jeśli wylogujesz się ze swojego konta, ciasteczka logowania zostaną usunięte. Jeśli zmodyfikujesz albo opublikujesz artykuł, w twojej przeglądarce zostanie zapisane dodatkowe ciasteczko. To ciasteczko nie zawiera żadnych danych osobistych, wskazując po prostu na identyfikator przed chwilą edytowanego artykułu. Wygasa ono po 1 dniu.

Osadzone treści z innych witryn

Artykuły na tej witrynie mogą zawierać osadzone treści (np. filmy, obrazki, artykuły itp.). Osadzone treści z innych witryn zachowują się analogicznie do tego, jakby użytkownik odwiedził bezpośrednio konkretną witrynę. Witryny mogą zbierać informacje o tobie, używać ciasteczek, dołączać dodatkowe, zewnętrzne systemy śledzenia i monitorować twoje interakcje z osadzonym materiałem, włączając w to śledzenie twoich interakcji z osadzonym materiałem jeśli posiadasz konto i jesteś zalogowany w tamtej witrynie.

Z kim dzielimy się danymi

Jeśli zażądasz zresetowania hasła, twój adres IP zostanie dołączony do wysyłanej wiadomości.

Jak długo przechowujemy twoje dane

Jeśli zostawisz komentarz, jego treść i metadane będą przechowywane przez czas nieokreślony. Dzięki temu jesteśmy w stanie rozpoznawać i zatwierdzać kolejne komentarze automatycznie, bez wysyłania ich do każdorazowej moderacji. Dla użytkowników którzy zarejestrowali się na naszej stronie internetowej (jeśli tacy są), przechowujemy również informacje osobiste wprowadzone w profilu. Każdy użytkownik może dokonać wglądu, korekty albo skasować swoje informacje osobiste w dowolnej chwili (nie licząc nazwy użytkownika, której nie można zmienić). Administratorzy strony również mogą przeglądać i modyfikować te informacje.

Jakie masz prawa do swoich danych

Jeśli masz konto użytkownika albo dodałeś komentarze w tej witrynie, możesz zażądać dostarczenia pliku z wyeksportowanym kompletem twoich danych osobistych będących w naszym posiadaniu, w tym całość tych dostarczonych przez ciebie. Możesz również zażądać usunięcia przez nas całości twoich danych osobistych w naszym posiadaniu. Nie dotyczy to żadnych danych które jesteśmy zobligowani zachować ze względów administracyjnych, prawnych albo bezpieczeństwa.

Gdzie przesyłamy dane

Komentarze gości mogą być sprawdzane za pomocą automatycznej usługi wykrywania spamu.
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